Churro Sheep

Happy March!

We rolled into 2017 with wintery hopes of slow times and catching up. Well, of course, that wasn’t the case at all. So, as is with life, one has to prioritize. Though I love doing the Daily Dose, family and running the business have to come first. But, we are back at it again!

And what a special run of Dose’s we have in store for you!

In celebration of the 1-year anniversary of The Churro Club (our yarn-of-the-month club that focuses on the conservation of the Churro sheep), we will be taking you on a textile filled journey through the world of Churro fiber!

Over the next month or so, not only will you “meet” some of our past and present members, but you will also learn more about this breed and the importance of its preservation (keep an eye out for tomorrow’s Dose!).

Connie Taylor, who we get our Churro yarn from, invited me to a shearing this last weekend. Though I have been lucky to see Churro flocks many times in my life, they never cease to amaze me. They are such beautiful creatures, each with a personality of their own. The photo above is from this weekend (with a fun filter from an app called Visionn).



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