Joan Potter Loveless on The Weaving Kind

Head on over to Instagram, @theweavingkind, to see what this post is all about! Click here to see The Three Weavers on Amazon and here to see the other artists featured in tapestry through time. You can read more about Joan’s life here. Ciao, Teresa… Read More

Story intricately woven around three lives

Source: The Taos News Date: March 26, 1992 Story intricately woven around three lives By Deborah Ensor Joan Potter Loveless weaves a beautiful tapestry in her new book, “Three Weavers,” published by the University of New Mexico Press. In the book, Loveless reminisces about the lives and work of three craftsman: herself, Rachel Brown and… Read More

Weaving Southwest @ Town Hall

We are excited to announce that we have teamed up with the Taos Arts Council to put together a beautiful show, now open to the public at The Town Hall of Taos! A while back we were approached by Paul Figueroa, of the Taos Arts Council, to put together a exhibit to be hung in… Read More

The Churro Club (March 2017)

Here are March’s Churro Club color photos! As I had these piled on my couch next to a tapestry woven by my step-grandma (photo below), Joan Potter Loveless, I couldn’t help but think what a beautiful and unique pallet this was (and how similar it is to “Joan’s colors”). I just love all these colors!… Read More

Your Daily Dose of Inspiration

Notes on this piece… This tapestry was featured in The Three Weavers. Joan handspun her own yarns and hand-dyed them with natural dyes. Enjoy! Ciao, Teresa… Read More