Shots from the Pots

We have been doing a ton of dyeing here, thanks to all of our amazing customers! Here are some photos of what we have been pulling out of the pots for the last couple weeks. Enjoy! Ciao, Teresa & Joe… Read More

Your Daily Dose of Inspiration

  Here is one last “sheepy” Dose for you! You have met the sheep, seen Trinidad being shorn and now for the skirting! Once the fleece is off the sheep, it is moved to the skirting table. Unusable pieces (this varies, depending on the intended use of the fleece) are removed and the fleece is… Read More

The Churro Club (February 2017)

Drying yarn outside, dyeing till sunset, and no jacket at the dyepots… all these make for a really happy dyer (a.k.a. Joe)! Here are the color shots from this month’s Churro Club (I love the sunset one). Enjoy!  … Read More