Winter means our house becomes a drying rack. The house smells of wool and the vigas are riddled with nail holes, holding rods of drying yarn while the wood fire burns hot. It is a beautiful sight.

And along with this comes The Churro Club teaser. Enjoy!


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Cubism III by Joe Bacon, 40.5" x 38", naturally hand-dyed Navajo Churro wool

Cubism III by Joe Bacon, 40.5″ x 38″, naturally hand-dyed Navajo Churro wool

Notes on this piece…

Joe hand-dyes his own yarn, using natural dyes. He always uses Navajo Churro wool for his weft.

You can see this and other pieces of Joe’s here.



We are heading to La Veta, CO on Saturday, June 18th for this wonderful festival! Join us if you can!

All the details are in the flyer below. We are dyeing up some special yarns for this special event!

Hope to see you there!


Teresa, Joe & Elsi Rae

La Veta Fiber Festival

Have you ever had a bad warping experience? I sure have!

When you invest time and money into a weaving, it can be so discouraging and frustrating when things go bad.

There are a few simple steps you can take, while winding your warp, that will ensure you will have a good outcome. This video covers one of the most important steps in the warping process… using a guide!

Enjoy! And if you have any questions at all, leave a comment! 🙂