Our summer classes have been a blast! Habitat, A Study in Verticals was the second class we had this season. We had two students for this one, Missy and Bri. Missy had a background in weaving, yet had not done much in the way of Southwestern-Style Tapestry. Bri had never wove before, though she had acquired a loom recently with dreams of becoming a weaver. Both were very successful in their three day exploration of vertical joints!


Missy and Teresa with Missy’s Beautiful Tapestry

We started class by sketching squares and vertical lines. As the days progressed, so did their designs. We started with Single Dovetail joints and progressed to Triple Dovetail… adding some more contemporary techniques along the way. By the end of class they were able to weave multiple techniques side by side! We also explored some fun plays on color, including Pick n’ Pick, Wavy Lines and Ojos.


Bri’s Sketch in Progress


Missy’s Sketch in Progress


Detail of Bri’s Single Dovetail


Detail on Missy’s Pick n’ Pick


Detail of Bri’s Triple Dovetail


Missy Weaving


Bri’s Tapestry

Missy completed her tapestry, mastering all the topics covered in class! (I say mastering, because I actually just saw some of the tapestries she wove after class… and they are beautiful!) Bri lives around here so she decided to tackle a larger piece and come in after class was over. She wove several inches after class, without any instruction at all… and it turned out perfect! We cut Bri’s piece off the loom with some extra warp attached, in hopes of being able to tie it up on her loom at home. This may work, or it may not. Either way, she accomplished a lot… and I would definitely consider her a tapestry weaver!


Missy’s Tapestry Fresh off the Loom


Teresa Loveless and all of us here at Weaving Southwest

 PS Thanks for joining us Missy and Bri! It was wonderful having you both in class!

PPS We would love to hear from you! How do you think their pieces turned out? Leave a comment in the comment section to let us know what you think!

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One comment on “Class: Habitat, with Missy and Bri

  • I am so excited about your classes and am saving up to come up to take a class next spring or summer. I just got a Navaho loom and also a small tapestry loom from a lady in my fiber group. I love color and fiber and attended the Intermountain Weavers Conference that was held in Durango, Co in July. This was my
    first one and it was very interesting. I took a class with Anita Mayer in surface design and am using all that I learned in making my felted bags, and vests and garments.
    I would love to take the class on freeform as I have an affinity for modern art and like to work in an
    intuitive manner, letting the yarn and fiber guide me/
    Thank you for your lovely emails, they are so inspiring.

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