This week I am teaching our first class in our brand new Weaving Studio! This is just the beginning… there is a lot more setting up to do… But I wanted to share a few photos to start. Enjoy!

This is facing the southeast corner of our main room. There is a bathroom through the far door, and a second room through the other.

Walking Looms

Walking Looms

This is facing the southwest corner of our main room. You can see into the other room from here. From the window we can watch the sunset over the mesa!

A look to the west

A look to the west

This week we have three students; Vicky, Susan and Kathie. We have two Walking Looms set up for Vicky and Susan. Vicky is learning all about stripes and Susan is learning basic tapestry.

Susan's Walking Loom

Susan’s Walking Loom

Kathie is learning basic tapestry on a Navajo-style loom. After a full day of warping, she was able to weave a little over an inch. Tomorrow will be Pick-n-Pick, Wavy Line, Ojo’s and intro to angles and squares!

Kathie's Navajo-style Loom

Kathie’s Navajo-style Loom

After a great day at the studio, we got to drive home to Arroyo Seco as the sun was setting.

Taos Mountain

Taos Mountain

Oh, how I love Taos!

Taos Montain

The Weaver in the Mountain

2 comments on “Evolution, Part I

  • Studio looks wonderful, wish I lived close enough to take a class. And Taos IS beautiful! Looking forward to seeing you at Convergence!

    • Thank you Carla! We are going to have to skip Convergence this year… Our baby is due in mid-July! But we will see you at the next Convergence… with our lil baby too!

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