About 44 years ago, my Grandma, Rachel Brown started a business right outside this window, called The Craft House . Back then there wasn’t much more in Arroyo Seco, other than Abe’s Cantina (still there) and a general store. The building The Craft House was in eventually burnt down. Now there is a beautiful little park in its place (behind the old truck). The building that still stands next to the little park now houses The Arroyo Seco Mercantile. Many years ago that same building was home to my great aunt Kristina Wilson’s business, Twining Weavers.

About a week ago, we decided to move Weaving Southwest into a beautiful little space right in the center of Arroyo Seco. This is the view from our front door.

Out the front door

Our new space is small, but it is perfect for what we want to focus on.

About 30 years ago, Rachel Brown started another business in Taos called Rio Grande Weavers Supply. After many years of being a well known supplier of weaving yarns, looms and weaving equipment she decided to add a gallery to her store. The gallery was known as Weavings/Southwest. After many years the two businesses began to share the name Weaving Southwest and, over time, more emphasis was put on the gallery portion of the business.

With the many changes that have been going on in our lives and with what we believe the weaving community needs right now, we have decided to focus our energy towards (what would be) Rio Grande Weavers Supply.

In our new space we will offer many types of hand-dyed weaving yarns: Rug Yarn, 2-ply Tapestry Yarn and Churro Yarn. We will be adding more beautiful fibers for weaving as the months go on. And, of course, all of these yarns are fabulous for knitting and crochet, as well.

We are also building up our stock of weaving, spinning and dyeing equipment. We will have 4 of our Rio Grande Walking Looms set up for classes and a Rio Grande Spinning Wheel available to try out. A loom or two will also be set up for us to weave some of our own rug and blanket designs.

Out the front door

We are so excited about Weaving Southwest/Rio Grande Weavers Supply’s new home! We hope to be open soon. Everything takes a little longer, now that we have our little Elsada Rae in our life… but we will defiantly be open by Wool Festival!

9 comments on “Home, Sweet Seco

  • WOW! Hope you are close to Taos still. We hope to stop by next year when we are back in the area. Congrats on everything, especially Elsada Rae. We’re looking forward to visiting the new digs.
    Claudia Segal, co-founder Weavolution.com

  • Fabulous! Now, for the first time in years, I won’t be calling it by the wrong name! Long live Rio Grande Weavers’ Supply!

  • I am soooo excited!. We will be up your way for the wool festival. I just uploaded picts on FB of my first project on the wolf loom–will be glad to move on to something not-chenille! I had a broken warp string and couldn’t exactly repair it like the you tube videos said to, but a modified technique seems to have worked. I can hardly wait until you have classes. I would like to be able to load my loom into the back of my jeep and have you teach me how to use it.

  • Hello, So glad you are moving into a perfect spot for you. Now you have a new weaver to join your very creative family! Will keep following you and hope to get back to the loom very soon, myself.
    Best Regards, Susan Zeller

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