And then there’s Jack, one of the youngest student’s I’ve taught. He came to Taos a while back to visit his aunt, a local fiber icon and all around wonderful woman. Over the last few months, he has fallen in love with the wonderful world of fiber in Northern New Mexico. He took his first class with us a couple months ago. Within his first few inches of weaving, I could tell he was a natural! A couple classes later, Jack had every technical aspect of Southwestern-style tapestry down. Just before we hung the show at Town Hall, Jack spent a couple days dyeing several beautiful shades of yarn and hopped on one of our looms to weave a larger piece. It was his first large rug and, in my opinion, it came out very well! However, Jack is a perfectionist and was not happy with his edges, so he didn’t enter the piece in the show. I believe, with a little more experience weaving large pieces, Jack has the potential to become an incredible weaver! So here you go, meet Jack Moody….


Jack Moody

JM Bio

Jack Moody

Jack Moody, 23, is a young man from the Sandhills of Nebraska. He came to Taos to learn about the Fiber Arts. Not only has he started to learn about weaving, he has also delved into dyeing, spinning, knitting, and crocheting. The three pieces of his that are featured are from classes he took at Weaving Southwest in Arroyo Seco, with Teresa Loveless. Tapestry has been the focus of his weaving, but he also plans to try backstrap and tablet weaving, and rugs are sure to follow.

JM Piece 1

Jack’s first weaving, from our class Neptune, A Study in Building. Photo taken at Weaving Southwest @ Town Hall.

JM Piece 2

Jack’s second weaving, from our class Habitat, A Study in Vertical Joints. Photo taken at Weaving Southwest @ Town Hall.

JM Piece 3

Jack’s third weaving, an experimentation in design, from our class Interweave, A Study in Design. Photo taken at Weaving Southwest @ Town Hall.

Teresa and all of us here at Weaving Southwest

PS So, what do you think? Does Jack have what it takes to become a professional weaver? I think so! Leave a comment to help encourage him to weave another large piece. I am sure he will either way, but a little love always helps!

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