The wonderful Kay Harris came into our life a couple years back, purchasing large amounts of our 2-Ply Tapestry Yarn to weave afghans on a Weave-It Loom . Though I have been weaving since I was a kid, I had never seen the possibilities of a loom like this. A simple peg loom used to create beautiful throws? This opened the door in my mind to the immense possibility of simplicity.

Kay weaves small squares on this peg loom, stitches them together to create a blanket and cross stitches beautiful designs on them, following instructions from a patten book she acquired in her youth. Our 2-Ply Tapestry Yarn works perfect for these afghans, allowing for a subtle change with each band of color.

KH Weave It

Kay’s pattern book

Shortly after I met Kay and fell in love with the peg loom, Schacht Spindle Co. came out with the Zoom-Loom …a modern and very sturdy version of the Weave-It Loom. These looms are great for travel, making it easy for weavers to weave in any place they are. They are perfect for knitters, trying to use up scraps left over from large projects. And, of course, they are great for children. These simple looms are a great way to fall in love with weaving.

I would like to thank Kay for introducing me to the possibilities of the peg loom! Meet the wonderful Kay Harris…


Kay Harris

KH Weaving 1

Kay’s first afghan

I grew up in Denver and have lived in Taos for fourteen years. After I graduated from college I joined the “Friendly Skies of United Airlines” as a flight attendant. It was at that time I discovered the 4″ Weave-It Loom and made a couple of afghans.  And then, when I had a family, I did needlepoint for 40+ years.

Two years ago (now I am in my 80s) I found the loom and rushed to Weaving Southwest.

I am working on my third afghan and have yarn for three more! I guess you might call me an optimist!!

KH Weaving 2

One of Kay’s afghans hanging at our Town Hall exibit. Photo taken at Weaving Southwest @ Town Hall.


PS What do you think of Kay’s afghans? Have you wove on a peg loom before? We would love to hear from you! Leave a comment to share your thought…

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6 comments on “Kay Harris, Her Work, Our Yarn

  • Yes, I had one of these looms way back when back in the Fifties. I made masses of potholders with those elatisticy jersey cotton loops & inflicted them on all the aunts at Christmas. I still have the old loom,and some of those potholders, but I never thought of weaving with yarns rather than those loops. I’ll have to dig the loom out of the storage box where it resides with the microscope, the old doll & teddy bear & see what I can make. As for Kay’s afghans, they are really beautiful. Unless you look closer, you can’t see that they are made up of individual squares. They look knitted all of one piece. God willing that she will have many more years of weaving.

    • Kathy,
      Thank you for your remarks. If you are interested in Aghans, the book pictured is still
      available, but it costs more than 35 cents! I saw some on

  • Awesome, Kay. I flew the friendly skies in 1961. I will be in Taos next fall. I have a full set of much tarn do I need for an afghan?

    • I flew in1952, weren’t we lucky to have done it when the skies were still friendly and fun
      (and the airports!). If you get a copy of Weave-It Afghans on line it will give you all the info
      you need plus more designs.

  • These afghans are beautiful! I discovered 4″ Weave-its a few years ago and I’m almost finished making a baby afghan. I crocheted around each square and hope to begin sewing them together next week. I’d love to see some close-up pictures of Kay’s afghans to see how she connected the squares and embroidered on them. They are quick and portable and I love the two I have.

    • Thanks for writing your reaction. I join squares by a simple whip stitch, and the embroidery
      is counted cross stitch. All the directions and patterns are in ” Weave-It Afghans”. Also there
      are some afghans that are joined by crochet, and easy counted cross stitch designs also.
      It amazes me that is still available, I think the copyright date is 1927!

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