María José… what can I say other than I feel so blessed that she has come into my life. I remember the first day we met, not many months ago. I could tell at first glance that she could find a love for and a life in the world of textiles. Shortly after we met, she picked up a pair of knitting needles, and as far as I can tell, she hasn’t put them down since… except when she is at the loom or dye pots.

I was lucky enough to have MJ (as we call her) in two of my Southwestern-style Tapestry Classes. Shortly there after, I asked her to be my first apprentice. Timing may have been perfect, or maybe I just see such potential in her that I couldn’t resist.

After a couple days at the dye studio, prepping yarn and dyeing what we could, I said to MJ , “So that’s the gist of it”, thinking she had learned quite a bit and may not want to come dye more in the freezing cold and potential snow storms. “Do you want to learn more?”, I asked. With an eager look on her face she nodded and said something along the lines of “Of course! I’ll be here manana!” The smile that spread across my face couldn’t express how happy this made me. Her words, as we stood there freezing while the last color struck in the pots, made me realize I had chosen the perfect apprentice.

I would like to introduce you to María José…


María José Urbina Estrada


María José Urbina Estrada

My name is María José Urbina Estrada. I was born and raised in Santiago, Chile. In the past three years, I have been blessed with a nomadic lifestyle which has taken me to many different places on this Earth.

I found Taos two years ago and I just recently came back to make it my home. In this new stage of my Path, I found myself loving and enjoying yarn, needles, and wool. In this way, weaving found me.

MJ Weaving 1

María José first weaving, from our class Neptune, A Study in Building. Photo taken at Weaving Southwest @ Town Hall.

Being from a place so far away, where weaving is so alive, it is ironic to me that this passion has found me here. It is further ironic because I find weaving so deeply beautiful, however it never caught my attention before now.

MJ Weaving 2

María José second weaving, from our class Habitat, A Study in Verticals. Photo taken at Weaving Southwest @ Town Hall.

I am a translator by profession, and in the process of growing in this area, I have learned five languages. Even though I am just starting to learn how to weave, I feel it as an instrument to speak a new language. More so, a new way of manifestation, a new start, and finally a tool of ancient discovery.


PS What do you think of MJ’s work? Do you think she has as much potential as I do? We would love to hear what you think! Please leave a comment…

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