On our day off, we usually head to the river or go on long family walks through the fields
surrounding our house. But, this week, we choose to have a family dye day!

I had never dyed our Tweeds before, but Teresa ensured me that we could do it with Elsada with us, as there is a lot of prep involved that can be done away from the dye pots. To say the least, Elsi was very excited to spend the day with mom and dad and get to play with yarn!

Family Dye DayThe day started out beautifully. I got the pots going, while T and Elsi sipped tea and hot chocolate and prepped the Amigos Alpaca yarn under the apricot tree. We had seven lots of Tweeds to do. Each lot goes through four different dye baths to achieve their final color. So, we were looking at twenty-eight dye baths by the days end.

Family Dye DayFor the first few hours, everything went smoothly. The pots stayed hot and each batch was clearing well. When Elsi inevitably lost interest, we took the baby chickens out of their coop to play in the lawn with her. When she lost interest in them, we set up the sprinkler for her to play in. Then the clouds started rolling in…

By mid-afternoon the sky burst open! Rain turned to hail and back to rain. Elsi retreated to the living room to watch a movie, while I tended the pots and Teresa continued prepping the yarn in the doorway. Luckily, we are in New Mexico, where weather like this (usually) passes quickly.

Family Dye DayWithin a little over an hour, the clouds started to clear and Grandma came home. Elsi chose Grandma over the dye pots, so T and I were able to get back to it.

Family Dye DayThe afternoon was coming to an end and we still had seven lots to go. Teresa wanted to call it a day (Tweeds are exhausting), but we finally decided to push through.

Family Dye DayThe last lots were the “topcoat” of each color (this is our super secret dye process, so we can’t share too much here). These go relatively fast, as the pots are really hot and acidic.

Family Dye DayIn a little under two hours, the sun was close to the horizon and we pulled our last lot from the dye pot.

Family Dye Day

Twenty eight dye baths later, we ended up with these seven beautiful Tweeds – Magenta Mix, Camouflage, Ragtime, Mojave Mauve, Gunmetal, Butterscotch and Peacock!

They are not up on the website yet, but If you love them like we do, let us know and we can send some your way!


P.S. We would love to hear from you! Have you ever worked with our Tweeds before? Or the Amigos Alpaca? Share your experience and projects in the comments! (The link is at the top of this post.)

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