“I had just installed a new program for my computer and I decided I would design something on it to weave. Well, I got about an inch worth of weaving done and realized that it didn’t work for me at all so I just wove whatever I felt like weaving.

As I was weaving it, it reminded me of a valley in Peru outside of Cusco where I was sitting, taking in the beauty of the valley. The transition from the yellows and gold’s, to dark grey and blues. While I was sitting there, there was a little boy on the other side of the valley singing at the top of his lungs while he was herding lamas. The little black and white squares represent his voice.” -Rachel Brown

This is another tapestry woven with our hand-dyed Rio Grande 2-ply Tapestry Yarn. Enjoy!

Andean Gold, Handwoven Tapestry by Rachel Brown, SIZE, DATE

Andean Gold, Handwoven Tapestry by Rachel Brown

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