12 Despues Oaxaca

Despues Oaxaca, Original Tapestry by Rachel Brown, hand-dyed wool, 39.5″ x 39.5″, 2000

This weaving was done after I made a trip to Oaxaca with two weaver friends of mine. On that trip, we saw weavings by a certain artist. He had a special technique for doing curves, even vertical curves, which is very hard for a weaver to do without having all these stepping-stones. Using his techniques I made smooth, round curves and a design similar to one of his designs. –Rachel Brown

Teresa and all of us here at Weaving Southwest

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2 comments on “Sunday Inspiration, The Tapestries of Rachel Brown: Despues Oaxaca

  • Hi Teresa,

    I was wondering if your Grandmother ever wrote about how to weave those curves and verticals she learned about from that Oaxaca weaver?


  • Hi Teresa,
    Yes, I am wondering about the technique too.
    Is this technique used by contemporary Oaxaca weavers?

    Keep cookin’ up a storm 🙂

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