“While I was weaving this design, there happened to be the forest fire in Llama (New Mexico) that destroyed many of my friend’s homes. I can remember stepping out of the studio while weaving the middle section and I decided right then that I would call it Habitat.” -Rachel Brown

This tapestry is woven with our hand-dyed Rio Grande 2-ply Tapestry Yarn. Enjoy!

Habitat, Handwoven Tapestry by Rachel Brown

Habitat, Handwoven Tapestry by Rachel Brown

4 comments on “Sunday Inspiration, The Tapestries of Rachel Brown: Habitat

  • I also just discovered your blog! I visited your shop in Arroyo Seco mid July and loved meeting Teresa and her husband in person!
    I loved the images of the women weaving in the weaving class as I also am a student in Chicago for 7 or so years.
    I came back from Taos this year with a book to read, not knowing how relevant it was to Weaving Southwest! “Three Weavers” by Joan Potter Loveless who must be a grandmother or great aunt of something of Teresa’s! I knew about Rachel Brown, but not the other two interesting women in the book. I’m loving it, almost finished…and it inspired me to design and begin a weaving of Pedernal – the sacred mountain by Ghost Ranch where I go every year with 3 friends.
    This is very exciting for me!
    Katherine Lisec

    • Hi Katherine! It was great seeing you… so glad you came to visit us!

      I would love to see pictures of your weaving of Pedernal… do you happen to be weaving it out of our yarns? 🙂

      My Grandma Joan (step-grandma, really) is the author of “The Three Weavers”. The other two weavers in the book are my Grandma Rachel and my Great Aunt Kristina (my grandpa’s sister). All three are/were such amazing women! Kris is the only one still with us, and she is going strong! She comes by the shop every couple weeks to encourage me to weave more rugs with stripes… “Just stripes!”, she says. I am very lucky to come from such a long line of incredible, strong women… and fiber artists at that!

      Glad you found our blog!


    • So glad you found us, Christopher! I got your emails with photos of your work… WOW! Had to show them to the whole family… everyone loved them! Let me know if you weave something with our wools… I would LOVE to feature you in our new segment: Your Work, Our Yarns! Hope all is well!

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