10 Mirage

Mirage, Original Tapestry by Rachel Brown, hand-dyed, 43″ x 45″, 1998

“My good friend Connie Taylor raises Churro sheep and has, in her collection of livestock, many different natural colors of the sheep. I chose all her different natural color fleeces and put them together in a simple way of squares and diagonals.” –RB

My Grandma, Rachel, had this tapestry on the loom when I went away to college. She was always trying to get me to weave with more neutral colors, as my pallet at the time, consisted mainly of red, oranges, blues and the like. I remember thinking there was no way this neutral piece of hers was going to turn out well.

Many years later, we had a retrospective of her work at Weaving Southwest. Connie Taylor was kind enough to loan us Mirage. This was the first time I had seen this piece complete. We hung all my Grandma’s tapestries on the walls of the gallery for the opening. Each was beautiful in its own way, but Mirage was by far my favorite. Between the subtle color changes and the simplicity of the design, I was finally inspired to incorporate neutrals into my color palette. Thank you, Gram!

I hope this piece inspires you too! Take a look at Serenity with an Edge to see a more colorful tapestry from the series. Enjoy!

Teresa and all of us here at Weaving Southwest

PS Does this tapestry inspire you? Remind you of anything? Have you seen this piece in person? We would love to hear from you! Leave a message in the comment section to let us know what you think!

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