When we moved in to our new space in Arroyo Seco last October, we set it up so we could have several of our Rio Grande Walking Looms available for classes. We are able to have up to three students at a time, so classes stay small, meaning there is a lot of one-on-one time between the students and the instructor.

Bill's First Weaving

Bill’s First Weaving

In our “Tapestry Weaving on a Walking Loom Class” we start out by tying-up our looms and talking a little about Design and Color.

Bill's Weaving

Bill’s Weaving

Then we jump into Plain Weave and talk about troubleshooting any issues that may arise (curvy edges, bubbly areas, broken warp threads, etc.).

Patsy cutting her weaving off the loom

Patsy cutting her weaving off the loom

Then we begin to weave Vertical Lines, using different types of joints that can be used to create different looks. Then on into Angles and how different types of angles can be used for an endless variety of designs.

Patsy's Tapestry

Patsy’s Tapestry

We also cover some fun design elements such as Pick-n-Pick, Wavy Line, Ojos and Building. Once the weaving is complete and class winds to an end, we cut the tapestry off of the loom and go over finish techniques and a few tricks of the trade.

Sue's Tapestry

Sue’s Tapestry

This class is great for Beginners and those who have never even touched a loom before… all the way to the more Advanced Weaver, who needs a refresher in the Southwestern Style of Tapestry Weaving!

Sue's Weaving

Sue’s Weaving

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