Moving On, original handwoven tapestry by Skaidrite McKeag, 26.5" x 37.25”, 100% hand-dyed wool

Moving On, original handwoven tapestry by Skaidrite McKeag, 26.5″ x 37.25”, 100% hand-dyed wool

Lets welcome Skaidrite McKeag to the Daily Dose! Moving On is one of the pieces featured in Tapestry Through Time, hanging at The Historic Taos Inn until February 1, 2016.

Moving On was entitled because of what was going on in my life, as I was working on it. During that time, I lost three significant people in my life. One was my weaving instructor and mentor, James Koehler, then my husband’s daughter and finally a close friend. It felt disorienting. While weaving, I felt I was just moving on.” -Skaidrite

Keep an eye out for more of Skai’s beautiful tapestries on the Daily Dose over the next couple months!

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Teresa & Joe

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6 comments on “Your Daily Dose of Inspiration

    • Hi Traudi!

      I agree. Skai’s work has always given me that WOW feeling. I’m sure we have talked about the artist that uses an “invisible” thread to close slits (verticals) on the loom? Well, this is her!

      Hope all is well!


  • I visit “daily inspiration” every day! The work of Skai is beautiful. And, of course, all the work that has been coming is lovely. Thank you for this wonderful site. I archive everything you send, hoping that I will one day have the time to begin to produce some work of my own.

    Thanks, and “keep it coming.”


  • Thank you for your daily inspiration! I also archive everything! I am trying to teach myself & hope to be able to attend one of your classes or when you do the online courses I will then take one! I am making small designs! The ideas are beyond my scope but so enjoy the process . I am almost ready to order a few hanks of your beautiful yarns!! Hoping that will make a difference??

    Barbara Ann tronsgard

    • Fantastic, Barbara Ann!

      All it takes is a lot of practice and a little guidance along the way (classes are great for this!). As long as you persevere, you will be weaving pieces like these soon! I am also a strong believer in using quality materials. Not only will quality, hand-dyed yarns (and a good warp) enhance the beauty of your designs, they also increase the longevity (and quality) of your finished textile. Let us know if you have any questions about yarn, classes or anything else along the way!

      Happy Weaving!


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