Spikes by Jon Chowning, 32" x 60"

Spikes by Jon Chowning, 32″ x 60″, Karakul and Churro wool, 2016

Notes on this piece…

This is Jon’s 1st tapestry! Yes, 1st!

Jon and his wife were students of mine about a year ago. From there, he has gone on to being relatively self-taught, only recently taking another class from another instructor.

This summer, he found himself a 54″ Rio Grande Walking Loom, allowing him to weave the larger pieces he enjoys!

Jon is a member of The Churro Club, as well as, our Mutual Admiration Society (you can head on over there and let him know how much you love his work!).

This piece was woven with a combination of Karakul yarn and our Medium Weight Churro Yarn… many of the colors are from the special color selection The Churro Club Members receive each month.

This piece was featured in our 2016 Churro Club Exhibition.



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