Sedona Poppies by Maryann Neubert

Sedona Poppies by Maryann Neubert

Notes on this piece…

Maryann is a member of The Churro Club! This piece was part of our 2016 Churro Club Exhibition!

Materials: Medium weight churro yarn, natural brown handspun Romney wool yarn, cotton warp, cottonwood

Techniques: handwoven and hand-embroidered

“The color palette was originally imagined as a tightly woven rug. After a few inches of weaving and a change of warp from wool to cotton, it became a plain woven piece in the same color arrangement as my original idea. As I wove, I was bothered by the large blocks of color and added a simple embroidered floral motif to the larger sections of color. I didn’t want it just to be another flat woven shawl, so I added small pleats to add shaping elements to it, and we have the capelet you see.

The color scheme reminds me of the red rocks around Sedona, Arizona, and is done in medium weight churro from Weaving Southwest, as well as my own natural brown handspun Romney wool yarn.” -Maryann

Visit Maryann’s website by clicking here.



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