The End of Agriculture by Connie Taylor, 36″x48″, Churro wool on wool warp

Churro Sheep and Agriculture

Sheep are threatened worldwide due to drought, war, synthetics, displacement by development, and lack of skilled shepherds. My weaving, “The End of Agriculture”, depicts a flock of sheep looking out on their world. It is woven of Churro wool from my flock.

They see a small field and a campo santo (graveyard). A black arch looms large.

Gardens and local farms still exist but in smaller proportion to the overall scale of life. Industrial farms force production with new seeds and chemical enhancers. The small family ranches and farms are considered inefficient and obsolete.

The campo santo represents people on the land who are forced to leave when developers overtake their farms. Often families are burned out or killed for their land. This practice continues today, unchecked by governments around the world.

The black arch might be a highway overpass or a window with a view of the lovely mountains. Solid concrete and asphalt struggle to dominate the pastoral scene.

Sheep have always been here throughout the ages to feed and clothe us. If we lose the sheep we gradually chip away at all biodiversity that has sustained humankind. I ask that you think about Agriculture every time you have food. Be an advocate in your community for the land, wildlife, seeds, water and livestock.

Connie Taylor
Bayeta Classic Sheep and Wool

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