Fractured Mathematician tapestry #1 by Elizabeth Wood, 8 inches x 15 inches, Churro wool on wool warp

I love seeing a series of work! Seeing how design and color elements influence the pieces in sequence is so inspiring!

Over the next several days we are going to take a peak into a couple artist’s series.



Materials in detail: Churro Club Yarn samples and 4-ply Worsted Wool warp

“The inspiration behind this tapestry is the use of the color churro yarn samples and geometry. I decided that a tapestry would be a good way of using the Churro Club yarn samples. I decided to create this fractured mathematician tapestry because it allows me to play with color and geometric shapes, although some of them are slightly skewed. I think the result of the two created a lovely small tapestry that can be hung in an office. I love the Churro Club because it is like receiving a present every month! It is always full of surprises and helps sustain my yarn addiction.” – Elizabeth 

You can find Elizabeth on Instagram by clicking here and on Facebook by clicking here!

I would highly recommend joining the “Weaving Southwest’s Mutual Admiration Society“. It is a great place to ask questions and receive encouragement.” – Elizabeth

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