Interweave Cuba by Teresa Loveless (and Rachel Brown), 96″ x 34″, 2009


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Decades after my grandma, Rachel, was exploring her Interweave series (click here, here and here to see this series), I was asked to show at the Jewel Charity Ball in Texas.

It’s a really long story, but my grandma and I collaborated on this piece. Her design, my colors… and I wove it.

This is in no way an easy design. I ripped out about 30 inches of this a couple times, as it just wasn’t lining up. I remember glancing at the clock hours before I had to catch my plane, inches to go and butterflies in hand. I cut it off just in time to catch my plane. I sewed in the ends (as many as I could) on the plane. Pressed it on the hotel floor at 3AM.

This is where the story could go on for a while. But to sum up, it now hangs somewhere in Colorado Northwestern Community College in Craig, CO, alongside pieces of Rebecca Mezoff  and Karen Benjamin (one of my all time favorite weavers). I’d love to make it up there again to see this piece (and theirs). They were beauties!


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