Life Lines Table Runner 6 by Regina Vorgang, 26″x 11″, Churro wool on wool warp

This piece is part of our Churro Club Exhibition II!

Materials in detail… 

Wool warp and Churro wool weft.

Techniques used…

Woven on a 30″ Hammett loom.

Notes on this piece…

“My Life Lines design came out of my time taking care of my parents the last few years of their lives. I spent a fair amount of time with them in the hospital watching the heartbeat monitor. Even though that was difficult it was also good because I was able to share time with them at an important part of their lives.

The Churro Club colors are great inspiration for new color combinations.” – Regina Vorgang
You can find Regina at any of the following links: her website (she has a fantastic video about her process there), her blogInstagram and Facebook.

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