Handwoven tri-panel rug by Teresa Loveless, 76″ x 108″, hand-dyed wool on wool warp

This is another of the larger pieces I wove for the custom job. You can see two more from this series here and here.

This was my first tri-panel rug! It was a bit of a challenge, but so satisfying once I got it off the loom!

I wove the two side panels (at the same time) first, then the center panel by itself. Then I stitched together all three to make this huge beauty! (There are a couple photos of the process below).


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  • I keep being overwhelmed with the beauty of these woven rugs, Teresa. Weaving and piecing them together must have been challenging. It appears that some of the middle warps are there. Did you just keep tying them off as you advanced the two pieces you were working on?

    • Thank you, Michele!

      This piece was a bit challenging (more so mentally than anything) as it was my first tri-panel. There is actually a long backstory to this piece (remind me to tell you about it sometime). This piece really taught me to trust myself and my math. When I pulled the final panel of the loom I was absolutely amazed that everything wove up exactly (give or take 1/4″) how I wanted it to! Haha!

      Yes, I left the center warp threads, between the two outer panels, just hanging there. As I advanced I would just pull them through. Once I was done with the two outer panels I cut them off and cut off the extra warp in the center. Then I just tied up everything as normal and wove the center panel (that was the full width of the warp). This made it possible to warp only once for this piece! 🙂

      • Very interesting, Teresa. I never would have thought to do that. Of course, I’d never do what you did in the first place. I need a lot more study for that. Looking forward to when you get those online classes started. I know I’ll learn a lot from you.

        • 🙂 My great-aunt Kristina told me how to do this before she passed away. In theory, it made sense. But actually doing it was a whole different thing. lol. I’m sure you could do it but maybe start on a slightly smaller scale. 🙂

          Classes are going to start rolling out in December (if all goes well). Can’t wait to share all I’ve learned over the years! 🙂

          • I’m looking forward to seeing what you offer. I always find I learn something important every time I take an online course or workshop.

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