Handwoven rug, Weaving Southwest Designs, hand-dyed wool


We are finally getting back on track here after the holiday break with our daughter. 🙂

And with that, we want to share some of our inspiration with you!

Whenever we are designing a new rug for the shop, we pull out our “archives”… a huge blue binder full of photos, sketches, and notes from the last 30+ years of weaving here at Weaving Southwest.

Not only are these designs some of Rachel Brown’s, but also the weavers we have had over the years, including Kimberly Hamill, Margaret Hermann, Roxanne Rane and Jodi Tucker (to name a few). Many of these designs have been woven over and over, incorporating different colors and playing around with different aspects of the design.

The images aren’t the best, as they are photos of photos (taken up to 30 years ago) and for most pieces, we don’t know the original sizes.

But, we thought you might like to see a glimpse into what happens behind the scenes here… and maybe these will add some inspiration to your next piece! 🙂


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