This week I am teaching our first class in our brand new Weaving Studio! This is just the beginning… there is a lot more setting up to do… But I wanted to share a few photos to start. Enjoy!

This is facing the southeast corner of our main room. There is a bathroom through the far door, and a second room through the other.

Walking Looms

Walking Looms

This is facing the southwest corner of our main room. You can see into the other room from here. From the window we can watch the sunset over the mesa!

A look to the west

A look to the west

This week we have three students; Vicky, Susan and Kathie. We have two Walking Looms set up for Vicky and Susan. Vicky is learning all about stripes and Susan is learning basic tapestry.

Susan's Walking Loom

Susan’s Walking Loom

Kathie is learning basic tapestry on a Navajo-style loom. After a full day of warping, she was able to weave a little over an inch. Tomorrow will be Pick-n-Pick, Wavy Line, Ojo’s and intro to angles and squares!

Kathie's Navajo-style Loom

Kathie’s Navajo-style Loom

After a great day at the studio, we got to drive home to Arroyo Seco as the sun was setting.

Taos Mountain

Taos Mountain

Oh, how I love Taos!

Taos Montain

The Weaver in the Mountain

Rachel Brown, 1978

As some of you may know, my Grandma, Rachel Brown, founder of Weaving Southwest, passed away recently. Though she will be greatly missed, the whole family is at peace with her passing.

Thank you all who have sent your condolences. Your cards and the stories you have shared have been greatly appreciated.

If you would like to send a note it can be addressed to Lorelei Loveless, PO Box 2897, Taos NM, 87571. If you would like to share a story or photos here, please email Teresa Loveless at In lieu of flowers, please contact Teresa at 575-758-0433 regarding a memorial fund.

We will be announcing the date of Rachel’s memorial shortly. Below is Rachel’s obituary, published in The Taos News last week.

Rachel Brown passed away peacefully on January 31, at the age of
85.  There was a small, family burial at the north end of Las Cruces
Cemetery in Canyon.  A memorial open to all those who cared for
Rachael will be held in May, on a date to be announced.
    Rachel is survived by her daughter, Lorelei (married to Keith
Loveless); her two sons, Seth and Kinlock Brown (married to Weiping);
four grandchildren, Teresa and Tyler Loveless and Meili and Kaili
Brown; and a blossoming great grandchild soon to be welcomed into this
world by Teresa and Joe Barry.  All live in Taos and Arroyo Seco, as
did Rachel since 1956.
   Rachel was known for her kindness and generosity and for her
tremendously productive life.  She was a seminal figure in the world
of weaving both in New Mexico and nationally.
   She was trained at Radcliffe College, the Harvard Graduate School
of Design, the Art Student’s League and at Cooper Union in New York.
   Over the years, Rachel taught weaving workshops all over the
United States.  She helped found the Craft House in Arroyo Seco in the
1960’s, taught weaving at Tierra Wools in Los Ojos, NM and at Ramah
Navajo Weavers Assoc. in Pine Hill, NM in the 70’s and 80’s and became
Head Teacher in textiles/weaving at the Taos Institute of Art.   In
later years in Taos she founded Weaving Southwest and Rio Grande
Weaver’s Supply.
   One of Rachel’s most notable achievements was her writing and
illustrating of The Weaving, Spinning and Dyeing Book (published by
Alfred Knopf, NYC, now in its 11th printing) that has become a kind of
bible among weavers.
   In 1993, Rachel was honored to receive a Lifetime Achievement
Award from the National Museum of Women in the Arts, in Washington, D.C.
   Perhaps Rachel’s greatest gift to the world – in addition to her
family – has been the great number of exceptionally beautiful
tapestries she wove, now owned by collectors all over the country.  In
the opinion of this writer, she was a genuinely great artist and very
fine person.  Her contributions to the world will live on.
– Bruce Brown

Rachel and Her Family: Seth, Tyler, Keith, Rachel, Kinlock, Teresa, Lorelei, Meili, Kaili and Weiping