Our Summer Classes have been exactly what we had hoped for! We have had a variety of students, ranging from complete beginners to accomplished weavers. We are so excited to share our students work!

Our first class was Neptune, A Study in Building. It was Mindy’s first time at a loom, while Kathie has been weaving for quite some time and recently acquired a Rio Grande Walking Loom of her own!


Mindy and Kathie with Their Tapestries

We started out the class by tying up the looms and talking about color and design. They then chose a selection of our hand-dyed 2-Ply Tapestry Yarn to work with.


Mindy’s First Shape


Kathie Weaving

Once the yarn was prepared and the warp was tight we began to weave! Using the Building Techniques taught in this class, Mindy and Kathie started to create various hill-like shapes… and then filled in the valleys. We explored various techniques, including Pick n’ Pick, Wavy Line and Ojos.


Mindy Weaving


Kathie’s First Set of Shapes


Mindy’s Tapestry, Day 2


Kathie’s Tapestry, Day 2

Once the pieces were complete, we cut them off the loom and discussed the many ways a tapestry could be finished.


Mindy’s Tapestry Ready to be Cut Off the Loom


Kathie’s Tapestry Ready to be Cut Off the Loom

Their tapestries turned out beautiful! And I believe both Kathie and Mindy have great potential to be wonderful tapestry weavers!


Teresa Loveless and all of us here at Weaving Southwest

PS Thanks for joining us Kathie and Mindy! I hope you enjoyed Neptune as much as I did. Happy weaving!

PPS We would love to hear from you! How do you think their pieces turned out? Leave a comment in the comment section to let us know what you think!

4 comments on “Class: Neptune, with Kathie and Mindy

  • Hi Just found the pictures of our class and wanted to let you know we just arrived home safely from our trip. The class was wonderful and I still am inspired to finish my first piece on my walking loom, and begin a new piece using what I have learned. Meanwhile I am already using some of the techniques on my rigid heddle loom, which I took with us in our fifth wheel. I completed the baby blanket for our first grandchild on the trip and was able to use some of the finishing techniques on it.

    We are already planning a future trip to Taos for another class and I cannot wait!! Miss you all up there. You have a wonderful family! Kathie

    • So good to hear from you, Kathie! I would love to see a picture of the baby blanket! And, of course, your new projects! 🙂

      All is well here in Seco. Teaching lots and dyeing every day I can! Can’t wait to have you in class again! And. so you know, I will be announcing our Winter Class Scheduled here soon… it will be in the Newsletter.

      Ok, hope all is well! See you soon!


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