Thanks to the wonderful community of Arroyo Seco and The Arroyo Seco Mercantile we have been able to show everyone a bit of what happens behind the scenes at Weaving Southwest. Directly across the road from our shop, in the heart of Arroyo Seco, we have been demonstrating our dyeing techniques… turning our beautiful natural yarns into a variety of stunning, mouthwatering colors! We will be doing this a few more times this fall… click here to see the schedule. Below is a series of photos of our days so far, Dyeing in the Road. Enjoy!


Cleaning the pots for our big day.


The beautiful gardens across from our shop in Arroyo Seco.


Setting up the dye studio across from our shop.


The natural yarns ready to be dyed.


The dye pots heating up.


Preparing the yarn for the dye.


Our first color… Marigold!


Our wonderful set-up in the center of Seco.


Pulling down the yarns for Round Two.


Getting ready to soak the next batch, while Round One cools.


Adding the dye…


Giving the pots a stir…


Blue Electra is ready, as the water is clear…


Blue Electra fresh out of the pot.


Explaining the dye process, while adding a new batch of yarn.


Clearing the pots with some Mop-Up.


Rinsing and talking about yarn…

Coming to the end of a day of Dyeing in the Road.

Coming to the end of a day of Dyeing in the Road.


The view from the Seco gardens, looking towards our shop.

    A days work, drying in the sun.

A days work, drying in the sun.


You know its been a great day when this is your view!

We hope you liked the photos! We would love to hear what you think! Do you dye? Natural Pigments or Acid Dyes? Is this something you have always wanted to learn? Do you have a favorite blog that is all about dyeing? We would love to hear from you! Leave a comment in the comment section to share your thoughts. Thank you!

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