Young Teresa Fiber

Teresa playing in a bag of fiber as a little girl

My Grandma Rachel took this photo of me when I was just a little girl, maybe three or four years old. Who would have thought that her letting me play in bags of fiber and teaching me to weave as a kiddo would have led me to where I am today? I can’t thank her enough for letting me be part of her world.


PS How did you get into the fiber world? How did your grandma influence your life? We would love to here your story! Leave a comment to share it with us!

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2 comments on “Growing up in Fiber

  • My grandmother was a fine seamstress and crocheted fine doilies and wonderful bumpy bedspreads. But what influenced me the most is her sewing. I was always in awe of
    how she could sew such beautiful things from just taking measurements. I was the lucky granddaughter to inherit her sewing machine. It sits in my sewing room but I don’t use it.
    I always think of her when I am creating my handwoven garments.

  • Hi Teresa,
    I was a little girl during the “Great Depression” and my mother and I lived with her parents.
    Every night I would watch my grandmother crochet. She made beautiful cotton table clothes,
    bedspreads. etc. I still have some of them. Unfortunately I did not ask her to show me how.
    I did teach myself how to knit, but couldn’t figure out how to cast off until I learned in High
    School from a friend. Then I started to knit argyle socks for my steady boyfriend. You know
    my weaving story. So I think my desire to create came from my dear grandma.

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