Thirty pounds of yarn may sound like a lot, but, for us, its just a fraction of what we normally dye in a day. Luckily, this is all we needed to do this week, as I spent most of the day getting ready for the inaugural Friends of Fiber Celebration in La Veta, CO!

Notes from the Dye PotsEven with only a few hours at the dye pots, I was able to pull out six beautiful lots of our 2-ply Tapestry Yarn and our new Fine Churro Yarn.

Notes from the Dye PotsI had to monkey around with some of our equipment at the end of the day (don’t try this at home!). But, all in all, it was a great day at the dye studio!

Notes from the Dye PotsOn Friday, we packed up a slew of our freshly dyed yarns and a armful of rugs, hooked up our little trailer and I headed to La Veta! Despite a few car problems, the yarn, rugs and I made it to this wonderful little town, safe and sound.Notes from the Dye PotsOn Saturday morning, after dropping the car off at the mechanics, I set up our little booth at the Friends of Fiber Celebration. It was a beautiful day and, for a first time festival, there was a good turnout. We are looking forward to doing this again next year… hopefully Teresa and Elsi can make it then, too!


P.S. We are thinking about doing some more fiber festivals in the future. Though the big festivals are fun, we love the old-school feel of smaller and new fiber gatherings. Is there anywhere you think we should go? Leave a comment to let us know! (The comment link is at the top of this post.)

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8 comments on “Notes from the Dye Pots

  • I hope to check out this festival next year! I also hope to be able to take a class and visit your new location w/in the next year or two. Beautiful yarns!!

    • Fantastic, Stacy! And thank you!

      We look forward to having you in our studio!


    • Thanks, Nanci!

      We do have tweeds left! Give us a call and we can get you set up with the perfect colors. Joe and I will be in the shop all week, 575-758-0433.

      Talk to you soon!


  • Teresa and Joe, I am soooo enjoying the daily inspirations, think this was a great idea! I look forward to this email every day. I am signed up for the Nov. Thanksgiving wkedm little rug class, I see no one else has signed up. I assume if no me else signs up the class would be cancelled, is that correct? I am just very excited about this new expierence,! Anne

    • Hi Anne,
      We are so glad you like the daily doses! Our classes are never cancelled due to low enrollment, and I am sure by the time November rolls around we will have some other folks in class with you!
      We look forward to having you!!!

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