Our yarns are all hand-dyed outdoors, over wood burning fires using acid dyes, in small dyelots consisting of 2-20lbs. We hand-dye both the whites and natural grey blends of wool to get enormous verity of brilliant and subtle colors. Slight tone variations in the hand-dyed skeins will appear in the weaving or knitting as depth of color, and enhance the hand-made look of the finished article. Our dyes are the same used in the finest textile houses today and the colors are very fast to both light and washing. We use recipes developed over the last 50 years by Rachel Brown, and more recently by her granddaughter Teresa Loveless. Rachel had been dyeing wool yarn with acid dyes since 1960 and developed a method of dyeing that is unique and very environmentally conscious. We call it the “sequential” method of dyeing. Since with acid dyes the water is clear when the dyeing is complete, the same hot acidic water can be used over and over again, saving on water, fuel and acid. Once you have used hand–dyed yarns and seen the subtle depth of color that the slight variations make, you may find it difficult to use commercially dyed yarn again.

We specialize in Rug Yarn, Tapestry Yarn, Churro Yarn and other yarns for weaving. Our yarns are, of course, wonderful for other fiber arts including knitting, crocheting, rug hooking and needlepoint. It is very important that you purchase enough for your entire project, as it is unlikely that we will have the same dyelot when you order again. We do offer bulk discounts on any combination of our yarns: 10% off 10+lbs and 20% off 20+lbs. Sample cards are available for all of our yarns. Click on the images below to find your favorite yarn!

                         2-Ply Tapestry Yarn


             Churro Yarn, Medium Weight

                                   Rug Yarn


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  • Just out of curiosity, was a gentleman named Forrest Fenn good friends with your mom Rachel? And have you heard about his story for yarn? 🙂


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