7 comments on “The Churro Club Teaser (April 2016)

  • Teaser is right! I absolutely love the black and white photos and can barely stand not seeing the colors all at the same time. Eager to get the box. Churro club rocks!

    • Haha! Thank you, Patzy! I am so glad you like The Club! We are having so much fun with it! It reminds me of something Kristina and Rachel would have done, back in the day! 🙂

      By the way, have I mentioned to you that I think I found some old photos of you, when you were at Kristina’s weaving school? I took pictures of the photos with my phone… I’ll try to dig them up and send them your way soon. They are so great!

      Enjoy your Churro Club box! 🙂


      • Oh I would love to see those pictures,. What a peak experience that time was. So was SpringWild. Got my box today. The colors are beautiful. So fun.

    • Thank you so much, Regina!

      I am so glad to have you in this club! I think you are going to love this month’s colors! 🙂



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