2 comments on “The Churro Club Teaser (July 2017)

  • My vote: a gray, green, cream and burlap! Yuk, yuk!
    I will barely get my bales stored and the Churro will be on the way.
    You will deserve a vacation and a hiatus from TCC, Joe and Teresa…

    • Haha! We are feeling the same way… Churro Club, Bales, Churro Club, Bales, Churro Club! That’s been the last few months. 🙂

      Went camping with Elsi last weekend (while our wonderful Audra packed up all the Churro Club boxes!) and heading out tomorrow on a much-needed kid-dog-cat-chicken-rooster-skunk(it’s a long story)-yarn-free extended weekend! Hoping to feel like us again by early next week! 😉

      Hope you love all your yarn!!! And thank you for your continuous support! 🙂

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