May’s Churro Club teaser is finally here! All the packages have been sent out and they should be arriving at our Members’ doorsteps in the next couple days. We are in the middle of moving our shop and had an epic amount of yarn to dye, so we are a little behind in posting these. They are beautiful either way! Enjoy!

the churro club May 20162016-05-04 13.34.54 2016-05-04 18.10.47 2016-05-05 19.17.40 2016-05-05 19.33.20 2016-05-05 19.37.50 2016-05-05 19.42.17 2016-05-06 15.08.44 2016-05-07 09.17.48 2016-05-10 13.41.05

7 comments on “The Churro Club Teaser (May 2016)

  • OMG, Elsi with the yarn on her shoulders is fabulous! Tooooo cute! She is literally our Churro poster child.
    As usual, I can not wait for these pictures in color. OX Patzy

  • Joe. Your colors just arrived. They are wonderful! Really! I love mixing them with my stash from previous Churro club colors and what I saved from Springwild. What fun. We will be out your way June 11,12,and 13. Hope to see you then. Kathy

  • I love the yarn colors and I love the background drop too, the sky, the mountains, the grass. All the colors together are just beautiful. thank you

  • What is the Churro club and how does a person get in on it?
    I love seeing all of your beautiful yarns that you dye and all the weaving so that you show

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