We are officially “back” from our staycation! I’m not sure if rested and rejuvenated would really sum up how we are feeling right now. However, excited and happy could work!

A couple weeks ago, we eluded to some “big news”. We were planning on emailing you shortly after with an update, but everything happened so fast!

There is a long story and short version, of course. We will start with the short…

We are moving!

And we couldn’t be happier! We are still going to be here in Arroyo Seco, because we absolutely love it here. Our new space is across the street and tucked back in by Sol Food and ACEQ (if you know the area). Click here to view a map, so you can see exactly where we are going to be.

Like I said before, this has all happened so fast. But we got the keys to the new space a few nights ago and we are signing a three year lease this week. They are repainting and refinishing the floors and will likely be ready for us to move in starting Saturday… yes, this coming Saturday!

We are currently packing up our old space and getting everything sorted out, so that we can make the move in just a day or two. During our move, our business hours will be as usual: 10-5:30 on Thursday/Friday/ Saturday/Monday, 11-5:00 on Sunday and we will continue to be closed on Tuesday/Wednesday.

We will be in our current location through Monday, May 9th… and hopefully be fully moved into our new space and open for business on Thursday, May 12th!

We plan on having a Grand Reopening Celebration once we get settled in, probably early June. We will keep you posted on all the details as the move moves forward.

Below are some pics of the beautiful new space. I hope they get you as excited as we are about this move! 🙂

Weaving Southwest New Space bookman
Now for the long story (though I’m going to keep this brief too, as it has been an exhausting rollercoaster the last few weeks and we are just so excited to move forward)…

As you may know, we have been trying to buy our current location for a couple years now. For various reasons (that are too much to go into detail about), it just hasn’t worked out. About a month ago, our landlord announced he was going to put the building on the market. A realtor came by and took photos of the space and gave us the impression that it would still be quite a while before they put the space up for sale.

A week later, I woke up to a text from a close friend asking “Are you going out of business?” with this link attached. My heart broke. Mind you, it was about 7AM and our daughter was running around the house screaming and refusing to get dressed. Joe (solid as a rock, as he usually is) had seen the text, and calmly said “Honey, it’s all going to be ok”, as he stirred the scrambled eggs. It took everything in me to keep from screaming “HOW???”, bursting into tears and throwing a frying pan at him. Luckily, I am quite level headed myself and realized this wouldn’t be the best move. So, I got Elsi dressed, we ate a quick breakfast and the two of them headed to the dump so I could have a few minutes to regain my composure and try to figure out what was going on.

All I could think was that things had just really started to go well for us. There have been many aspects of this business that have been a major struggle, since I took over the business eight years ago. But finally, everything we have been working on over the last few years was starting to come together in a beautiful and fruitful way. And then this happens. The catch being, we don’t have a lease, so if the building sold we would have to be out in 30 days.

As I paced around our house, short on breath and tears welling up in my eyes, I shouted out (in my head) to my, let’s call them, guardian angles (namely my grandma, Rachel, and great aunt, Kristina, in this case) “Come on! Really? Why now? I’m really going to need a sign here to know we should keep on going.” It’s been a tough winter and this kind of felt like the straw that could break the camel’s back.

Then Joe returned from the dump and told me to come outside. He reached into the back of our pickup and pulled out a crumpled up rug. As he began to unroll it, I burst into tears (clearly I was quite hydrated that day)… before us lay one of the most beautiful Navajo rugs I have ever laid my eyes on. Now, if that wasn’t a sign from my textile loving guardian angels, I don’t know what would be. Immediately, I knew everything was going to be ok.

This is where the story could go on and on, with all the nitty gritty details. But, I’ll just sum it up with everything worked out better than we could have imagined. Our current location is still for sale and they already have someone interested in it. We are in love with our new space and can’t wait to move in. The Arroyo Seco community and the few people we have already shared this news with have all been so supportive and wonderful. We feel so grateful for how everything has worked out.

We will keep you updated via email over the next few weeks about the move and we will also be announcing some really exciting events that we have been wanting to make happen for a while now.

Though we know this is going to be great for us in the long run, a move is always really hard on business at first. So, we would like to ask for you help in two ways…

1 – Spread the word! Share this post with as many people as you can think of. The more people that know, the better.

2 – If you have been thinking of purchasing something from us in the near future, now would be a great time! Every dollar counts at times like this, so whether it is a skein of yarn, a handwoven rug, or a gift certificate for that amazing mom in your life, your support would be much appreciated. 🙂

Thank you so much for being part of our Weaving Southwest world! We look forward to everything the future has in store for us. If you can, come by and see the new space when we open up!

Teresa and Joe

4 comments on “We are moving!

  • WOW! What a wonder filled journey. Looking forward to what the future holds for WS and your family.

  • WOW, it all sounds so adventurous , and you are still young !!! for what that ‘s worth 🙂 , you are doing a great job , and will come see your new place soon . your grandma would be so very proud of you , lovies g.

  • Hello Teresa, This is Julie Dowdle from Kentucky. I wandered into your now, old ,shop on April 25-26 and talked to you about moving there. I am so happy to here you have found a new place. I know how busy you must be, but I am hoping to hear from you as soon as you get settled.

    I was able to find the second edition of Rachel’s book, have read it from cover to cover. I didn’t understand some of it but that is due to my lack of experience. Haha.

    If I was there I would finish my vacation helping you move. Just sorry I am not. I have begun my journey to find property, but I cannot find the town you suggested.

    Please call/text,email when you get a chance.

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