Autumn, original handwoven tapestry Joe Bacon, 39" x 28.5", naturally dyed Churro wool

Autumn, original handwoven tapestry by Joe Bacon, 39″ x 28.5″, naturally dyed Churro wool

You can see more of Joe’s pieces here and read a bit more about Joe here.
Make sure to leave a comment, to let Joe know what you think!

Teresa & Joe

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2 comments on “Your Daily Dose of Inspiration

  • I was thrilled to see one of Joe’s pieces as today’s inspiration.
    His weavings have given me a direction in learning how to tapestry weave.
    The history and stories that are shared in the Southwest/Mexican weavings are facinating.
    I continue to read and research this style of tapestry weaving.
    Joe’s use of color and a modern interpretation of the weaving is music to my soul.
    Thank you again for sharing.

  • You are so very welcome, Susan!

    I will make sure to pass this along to Joe. He will love this!

    Joe’s way with color and design speaks to my soul, too. He has never brought me a piece that I didn’t love. And he is just a wonderful person to know! We recently added his artist page to our new website (… I just love the photo of him! I hope to do a video interview with him soon… I will let you know when I do!


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