Rug #248 by Fred Black

Rug #248 by Fred Black

You can see more of Fred’s pieces here and read a bit more about Fred here.

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Teresa & Joe
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2 comments on “Your Daily Dose of Inspiration

  • Each one of you rusgs are : Stunning Fred!!! But Rug # 248 takes my breath away. Wish I were at an age where I could keep collecting but alas-we are drastically downsizing.

    Thank God for your Gift and keep inspiring. Thank you.
    Joan Young

    • Hi Joan!

      I, too, wish I had a home that was large enough to house all the beautiful art I admire. That’s one of the reasons I love representing our artists… at least I get to spend some time with these amazing pieces, before they find new homes.

      I will make sure to pass this along to Fred.


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