Piling Up, original handwoven tapestry by Mary Cost, 30" x 38", hand-dyed wool on cotton warp, 2012

Piling Up, original handwoven tapestry by Mary Cost, 30″ x 38″, hand-dyed wool on cotton warp, 2012

Welcome Mary Cost to the Daily Dose! Piling Up, is one of the pieces featured in Tapestry Through Time, hanging at The Historic Taos Inn until February 1, 2016.

“I am fascinated by the way Santa Fe’s pueblo-inspired geometries pile up against the sky.” -Mary

Mary has a beautiful website, with a portfolio full of her tapestries. Click here to see more.

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Teresa & Joe

7 comments on “Your Daily Dose of Inspiration

    • Hi Steve!

      Have you seen her work in person? It is really so beautiful, one may even say refined. Glad you like it!


      PS When do I get to feature your work on the Daily Dose? 🙂

  • Really beautiful! I love getting a Dose of Inspiration every day…it makes me want to weave…Love your weaving. Also really makes me miss Taos. :\

    • Fantastic, Valrey!

      I am so glad you love the Daily Dose! I love sharing all these incredible artists work!

      I hope we inspire you to get to the loom! 🙂


  • I love the geometry, perspective and shading in this piece – nuances that are sometimes absent in tapestry weaving – beautifully abstracted. Thanks for making my day and reminding me to visit NM again soon!

    • You’re welcome, Sam! This piece is absolutely stunning in person! Make sure to check out Mary’s website (http://mctapestry.com/), as she has many more pieces that I am sure will make your day (and maybe bring you back to NM soon!).

  • Thank you, Daily Dose friends, for your kind and insightful comments. It’s so good to feel my work is being seen and appreciated. Special thanks to Teresa and Joe for making this exchange possible!

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