Pathways, original handwoven tapestry by Robin Reider, 61" x 33", naturally hand-dyed wool, 2012

Pathways, original handwoven tapestry by Robin Reider, 61″ x 33″, naturally hand-dyed wool, 2012

I am so excited to invite Robin Reider to the Daily Dose! Robin is one of the artists featured in Tapestry Through Time, hanging at The Historic Taos Inn until February 1, 2016.

Pathways was inspired by Rio Grande geometrics mixed with African Kuba Cloth designs and woven with natural dyed yarns – wild sunflower, madder root, snakeweed, henna, cota, amaranth, marigold, onion skins, walnuts.

A native New Mexican, I have been weaving for 30 years in my home in Chimayo, NM. I learned to weave in the traditional Rio Grande style and interpreted these skills into my own style. My weavings are 100% wool and hand dyed using natural and chemical dyes. I gather plants and flowers for dyes such as marigolds, sunflowers, cota, chamisa and onion skins.

I am inspired by the natural forms, shapes and colors of Northern New Mexico. I interpret these colors and shapes into abstract geometric designs and pictorial tapestries.

Having traveled and lived around the world, my weavings also reflect the vibrant colors worn by women throughout the lands. The hand-dyed colors blend and grade into one another, giving a painterly quality to the work. The abstracted landscapes and asymmetric patterns that I weave provide viewers with a sense of the spirit and shared experience that I feel when surrounded by natural beauty. I strive for harmony and balance within the boundaries provided by the framework of the loom, the wool, and the process of weaving. -Robin

I have long admired Robin’s work, since I was a teenager working for for my Grandma at Weaving Southwest. I don’t think Robin knows this, but her Kuba Cloth series actually played a major role in my life, inspiring me to travel the world. So far, my travels haven’t led me to Africa… but I will make it one day!

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