Santa Clara Peak Var. by Janusz Kozikowski, 51”x36”, 1985

Santa Clara Peak Var. by Janusz Kozikowski, 51”x36”, 1985

You have probably noticed a couple missing Daily Doses over the weekend. I apologize for this, as I know this is the Daily Dose. However, sometimes life steps in the way. I promise to make this up to you later in the week, with a very Special Daily Dose! Make sure to keep an eye out for it, as it is inspiring in so many ways!

I also hope today’s Daily Dose helps to make up for it! This is a really special one, as it is not often one sees work by Janusz.

And with that I would like to welcome Janusz Kozikowski to the Daily Dose! Santa Clara Peak Var. is one of the pieces featured in Tapestry Through Time, hanging at The Historic Taos Inn until February 1, 2016.

You can see another piece by Janusz here, belonging to the New Mexico Capital Art Collection. It is part of what I believe is referred to as his Chair Series. It, too, is absolutely stunning!

I hope you love this Dose! Please leave a comment if you do!


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3 comments on “Your Daily Dose of Inspiration

  • Thanks for today’s inspiration, and the link to Kozikowski’s “chair”. I’ll be in Santa Fe at Christmas, with a day trip planned to Taos to see the tapestry exhibit. Thanks for that, too. Happy Thanksgiving, Nancy

  • This posting was particularly inspiring and beautiful. I will have to find out more about Janusz. Do you know when you will post your spring classes? Vacation plans must be made soon!

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