Original handwoven runner by Traudi Chiaravalloti, 72" x 10", Churro wool on wool warp, 2015

Original handwoven runner by Traudi Chiaravalloti, 72″ x 10″, Churro wool on wool warp, 2015

Notes on this piece…

Traudi is one of my students. She took her first class with me at Woods Hall on Madeline Island, WI. Take a look at this blog post to see what she wove her first time around. Since, I have had the joy of her coming to learn in our studio in Arroyo Seco.

The wool is Rio Grande Medium Weight Churro. The brown and cream are natural, un-dyed, yarns. The warp is 2-Ply Worsted Wool Warp, at 7 epi.

“I chose a simple design partly to avoid my tendency to “clutter.” I was pleased to notice how many of the elements and techniques learned in class I ended up using. Makes me think I must have been paying attention most of the time.

I love the Daily Dose and the variety of designs. It really is a great resource because it shows designs where I think weaving something like that is within my present capabilities as well as designs to which I can aspire. Also, when I look at a photo I can see how the effect was done, which techniques were used in achieving the whole.” – Traudi


Ciao, Teresa

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