Fringy Blanket by Weaving Southwest, 58" x 40", hand-dyed wool

Fringy Blanket by Weaving Southwest, 58″ x 40″, hand-dyed wool

Notes on this piece…

This was the start of an experiment that I asked my mom, Lorelei, to weave. I wanted to see how our Rug Yarn would weave up as warp and weft. Though she ran into several issues along the way, we have plans to play around with this more, as we love the way the finished product feels!



PS I am sure you have noticed we haven’t been sending out Daily Doses this week. Something big has come up and consumed every bit of our time. We will be announcing this “big thing” in the next couple days, once we finish getting the loose ends sorted out. I apologize for the lack of Doses… we should be back on track here soon!

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