Cerrillos Sunflower by Maryann Neubert, 15" x 54"

Cerrillos Sunflower by Maryann Neubert, 15″ x 54″

Notes on this piece…

This piece was part of The Churro Club Exhibition.

Materials: Medium weight churro yarn, my own handspun wool yarns, glass beads, cotton warp

Techniques: Handwoven

“The inspiration for this piece is my two favorite colors, red and yellow. I also love textures, movement, and color gradation, which are all present in this tapestry. I wove this on a Schacht rigid heddle loom in plain weave using solid color medium weight Churro from Weaving Southwest, and my own handdyedhandcarded, and handspun yarn of wools with some glitz thrown in.” -Maryann

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