Fiber Arts Mandala: Homage to Bark by Rev. Marion L. Rhyne, 10.5″

Notes on this piece…

This piece was part of The Churro Club Exhibition.

Materials: Purchased wool felt circle, churro wool yarn, craft felt, green thread

Techniques: Felting: hand and machine, hand sewing

“When I opened my monthly box of Churro yarn I immediately saw the bark of a tree. Nature is my muse and I always look to my craft resources to see how I can use them artistically, not always naturally. I saw the bark of a tree! That was my inspiration. Being a mandala facilitator I do much of my artistic work in mandala form, a circle. Therefore the ‘bark’ was fit on a circle felt form. A mandala is very meditative, as is nature. I enjoyed working on this piece.” -Marion

You can visit Marion’s website by clicking here.



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