Sky Lines by Kristie Strasen, 14" x 14"

Sky Lines by Kristie Strasen, 14″ x 14″

Notes on this piece…

Kristie is a member of The Churro Club! This beautiful little tapestry was part of our 2016 Churro Club Exhibition!

Pillow Materials: 100% Linen Warp, 100% wool fill including Weaving Southwest churro in white, pillow insert: feathers and down

Techniques: Woven – small frame loom

“I wanted to experiment with weaving curves. The Weaving Southwest churro wool worked perfectly. I combined it with other softer yarns for textual variety – I think this pillow has a lot of personality. If someone want a companion pillow, they can order one.” -Kristie

Visit Kristie’s website by clicking here.



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