Spring by Billie Rawlings, 2" x 75"

Spring by Billie Rawlings, 2″ x 75″, over 90% Churro wool, 10% or less alpaca and/or acrylic

Notes on this piece…

Billie is a member of The Churro Club! This inkle band was part of our 2016 Churro Club Exhibition!

Handwoven on a C.R. Best Looms Inkle loom.

“Patterns are inspired by Nordic, Celtic and other nationalities’ weavings and history. I weave with a C.R. Best Looms inkle loom.” -Billie

All ribbons/bands, as well as the looms, are for sale through personal contact with C.R. Best Looms at crbestlooms@centurylink.net or visit Billie’s Facebook page.



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