Patzy Walden with her creations at Kristina Wilson’s Taos Valley Weaving School, 1975

This Dose continues our special series, highlighting Kristina Wilson’s life… but now we are going to branch off in a new direction… Patzy Walden.

This is a story that weaves throughout decades and generations…

A little over a year ago, my great-aunt, Kristina Wilson, passed away. During this time I was lent her weaving photo albums.

Flipping through numerous amazing photos of a time I long to be in, I opened to a page with this photo… “Is that Patzy?!”, I smiled as I showed Joe.

Sure enough it was Patzy, in 1975, at Kristina’s weaving school. I had heard of these days, but I had never seen photos. This album was full of them… beautiful “hippie girls” learning to weave, outdoors, toes in the grass and they explored textiles with a vibrant pallet and Kristina watching over them.

Patzy had entered my life in 2012, I believe. She took a class from me and told me of her days at Kristina’s school.

A few years later, inspired by her memories, we decided to create Weaving Springwild, a weaving retreat…. and, sure enough, Patzy joined us!

And there’s your little prelude to tomorrow’s dose…



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