Stripes, Stripes and More Stripes by Kathy Beckwith, 24″x38″

This Dose is part of a special series. Click here and here and here to see the first posts about Kathy. And here and here to read more about this series.

Kathy wove this piece on her Rio Grande Walking Loom, using our yarns.

When Kathy started taking classes with me she was weaving beautiful, symmetrical pieces like this. She is a perfectionist, to say the least, so thought out design, attention to edges and mastering techniques are very important to her… and it shows in every piece I’ve seen her pull off the loom.

As you will see tomorrow, Kathy joined us at our weaving retreat, Weaving Springwild! I remember the day she told me she was coming. I was so excited! Not only is Kathy an amazing woman, but also, by that time, I was quite familiar with what she was comfortable with doing on the loom. This was my chance to help push her to her limits, to see if we could cross that fine line between weaver and artist. Wait till you see what she pulled off the loom!



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