Bright Beginnings by Jurate Gertzbein, 28″ X 15″, linen, cotton and Churro wool

To see what this series is all about, click here.

Materials in detail…

Weft:  light grey cotton plus December’s Churro Club colours

Warp: linen

Notes on this piece…

“I just got my Harrisville rug loom and named it “Bright”. Being new to rug weaving and this loom I called this little piece Bright Beginnings. The reverse side shows opposite colours, since this is a three block boundweave design (shaft switching). I will likely use this as an oversize hot pad on the dining table or on the coffee table.

Congrats to Teresa and Joe for putting together this awesome Churro Club. I am glad to know that this effort is helping to establish healthy populations of Churro sheep. I can see using this lovely yarn for many things.” -Jurate Gertzbein

You can visit Jurate’s website by clicking here.


P.S. Not sure what the Churro Club is? Click here to find out more!

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