Year of Churro Afghan by Jo Ann Hulett, 58×82, 100% Churro wool

And now for some color!

To see what this series is all about, click here.

Jo Ann has been a Churro Club Member since day one. When she sent me a photo of this piece about six months ago, my jaw dropped… what a fantastic way to use this yarn!

Each month Jo Ann would receive her Churro Club box, with four 2 oz. skeins of Churro yarn. Then she would crochet it up, one skein at a time. Then the next Churro Club box would arrive and she would crochet up that month’s colors. One year later, she ends up with this beautiful afghan!

“Practically every inch of yarn from each skein was used in the afghan, with colors changing randomly mid row. It is a modified ripple pattern which worked well with this yarn and the many colors used. It will be a treasured piece for years to come!” -Jo Ann Hulett



P.S. Not sure what the Churro Club is? Click here to find out more!

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